Trucker Tank is the most useful way to transport liquid in bulk because of its large capacity, strength and Ro-Ro Shipments that make it easy to move.
We manage over 50.000 tons of olive oil per year using Trucker Tank transportation so we are leader in Livorno Port in Olive oil transportation from Tunisia and Marocco.
Thanks to a closer partnership with the primary stakeholders we can offer a complete Door to Door solutions. Contact us if you want to learn more.


Isotank has the same technical characteristics about the trucker tank but it can be handled and stored just like a container unit. This make of the Isotank an interesting solution for liquid transportation despite sometimes They are not easy to find if you don’t have a consolidated traffic.


Flexy Tank allowed you to load liquids into a container. Although This way of transportation have some capacity limits it is very useful for long distance shipments. It is also important to know that Flexy tank units are fully recyclable and, using Shipping co standard equipment, help your business to reduce costs.






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